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Entity extraction


Sentiment Analysis



Code generation


Create a summary

Summarization is the task of condensing a piece of text to a shorter version, reducing the size of the initial text while at the same time preserving key informational elements and the meaning of content. Using GPT-J you can build applications for question answering, legal texts summarization, and news summarization.

Entity extraction

Extract information

Entity extraction is the act of locating and classifying mentions of an entity in a piece of text. Text appears as unstructured data in several formats such as document files, spreadsheets, web pages and social media. The ability to identify the entities within the documents using GPT-J — people, places, organizations, concepts, numerical and temporal expressions — enables you to understand the information they contain and put them to good use.

When Sebastian Thrun (person) started at Google (org) in 2007 (date), few people outside of the company took him seriously. “I can tell you very senior CEOs of major American (country) car manufacturers would shake my hand and turn away because I wasn’t worth talking to,” said Thrun (person), now the co-founder and CEO of online higher education startup Udacity (org), in an interview with Recode earlier this week (date).

A little less than a decade later (date), dozens of self driving startups have cropped up while automakers around the world clamor, wallet in hand, to secure their place in the fast-moving world of fully automated transportation.


Classify information

Text classification is the process of categorizing text into a group of words. By using GPT-J, you can automatically analyze text and then assign a set of predefined tags or categories based on its context.

It would be nice if I could see confidence levels for each tag.

Feature request

I was billed twice for the service this month. Can you please look into this right now?


This is the best classification tool ever!!!


We’re ending our subscription because it’s too expensive for our current stage.


Your customer service rep did not help me with my billing issue. This is getting very annoying!


Sentiment Analysis

Analyze opinions

Sentiment Analysis is the act of identifying and extracting opinions within a given text across blogs, reviews, social media, forums, news, etc. In this context, GPT-J can be applied to applications that range from marketing to customer service to clinical medicine.

My experience so far has been fantastic!


The product is okay I guess.


Your support team is useless.


Say things in a different way

Paraphrasing is the act of expressing something using different words while retaining the original meaning. Applications using GPT-J for paraphrasing can include information retrieval, question answering, text summarization, and plagiarism detection.


Copy for your marketing

Writer's block is a phenomena that affects the best copywriters. By providing the type of copy you'd like and a description of your product or service, GPT-J can generate copy for your website, app, or marketing materials.

Code Generation

Auto-generate code for your applications

Code generation is the act of using AI to automatically generate code. This is a particularly strong area of performance for GPT-J—even outperforming GPT-3. When fine-tuned to specialize in specific programming languages, GPT-J can be used to build powerful code generation applications.

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